Whirlowbrook Hall Wedding Photography – Nicki & Tom

Whirlowbrook Hall Wedding Photography with Nicki & Tom. I first met Nicki back in 2016 when she was a guest at Stephanie & Rocci’s wedding at Ringwood Hall so I was thrilled when she and Tom got in touch and asked me to join them for their Whirlowbrook Hall wedding photography, a former Edwardian country manor house set in the gorgeous Sheffield countryside.

Driving over the hills into South Yorkshire, the clouds got progressively darker so I knew that the weather might not entirely play ball. Darkness turned to torrential rain, however, Nicki and her bridesmaids were full of fun and excitement for the day ahead. After months of planning, the day ahead still felt quite surreal for Nicki who had crafted so much of her decor that we joked about her missing it all once the wedding day was over. She then spent the next few hours relaxing with her girls and being prepared by her expert hair and make-up team led by Pacha Marshall. Tom arrived around midday flanked by his best men, twins, and all-around good eggs (no shaved head pun intended, honest!) to greet guests and prepare himself for the day ahead.

Whirlowbrook Hall Wedding Photography

The guests were soon convened downstairs in the beautifully decorated ceremony room, Nicki was buttoned into her gorgeous dress before sharing a very special and slightly tearful moment with her dad. She made her way downstairs and up the aisle to meet Tom, she was preceded by her cute flower girls, her brother in his Coldstream Uniform and her bridesmaids. After a ceremony filled with much laughter and joy, the couple completed the formal part of their day before making their way back up the aisle and into the welcoming arms of their family and friends.

Drinks Reception On The Terrace

After some confetti, I stole the couple away for a few portraits around the stunning grounds of the hall, making our way around the pond and into the rock gardens. By this time, the rain had been and gone making way for a lovely bright sky and the guests were out enjoying drinks on the hall terrace. A few of their guests had come over from different parts of the world, including one bunch who had traveled from Austria. They had come in their resplendent native dress of Lederhosen and Dirndl, they had also brought the idea of the brilliant drinking game called Hammerschlagen. The aim of the game is to take in turns driving a long nail into a tree stump using the wedge end of a hammer, with the loser buying a round of drinks for all the players. To be honest, the game was genius, providing hours of fun for everyone and some large bar tabs for a few.

Hendersons Relish

Similar to Worcestershire Sauce (don’t hate me, I know it’s not as good!), Nicki & Tom had used mini bottles of the iconic ‘Enderson’s for their table favors along with shots of peach schnapps. Dinner was a delicious roast beef dinner with massive Yorkshire Puddings (of course) and the guests enjoyed a relaxed atmosphere before taking in the afternoon’s speeches. Retiring back to the terrace for more drinking games, the guests were entertained by a close-up magician and the couple greeted more friends who had traveled down for the evening party. Soon after, Nicki & Tom cut their amazing wedding cake before taking to the floor for their first dance. Family and friends joined them and kept the dance floor full for the rest of the night.

So Huge Congratulations to Nicki & Tom, it was a pleasure to spend the day with you both!

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