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I’m a highly experienced and creative wedding photographer based in Cheshire and Manchester and shooting throughout the UK and Worldwide. From intimate city weddings, rustic country weddings, or relaxed beachside weddings in the sun. I love to travel, have fun with my couples, and take great photos.

At the heart of my images are people. Those that you love join you for one of the most amazing days of your lives. The love, excitement, and humour deserve to be captured creatively but naturally and without interruption.

At my core, I’m a Documentary Wedding Photographer. I shoot wedding day stories and adventures in a natural but creative way without fuss and hopefully without you even noticing. Unposed wedding photography for 95% of your wedding day allowing you to spend time, have fun and party with the people you love the most. 

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Lee Brown

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Lee Brown

Cheshire Wedding Photographer

I draw the best elements of wedding photography and combine them together to give my couples the best collection of memories that I can. I aim to create a timeless set of images with life and energy that you will want to show off to family and friends.

Hey and a Huge Congratulations on getting married, it’s a pretty cool time in your life! It’s fantastic that you have found someone to spend your life with! I share my life with my beautiful wife Anna, my son Arthur and our cockapoo Harper.

I’ve been established since 2009 and with experience of 500+ weddings, I get to meet some fantastic couples, their family, their friends and go to amazing parties every weekend!

What I’m lucky enough to do isn’t a typical ‘Job’ it’s more of a lifestyle and I couldn’t imagine doing anything different!

As a Cheshire Wedding Photographer, I get to experience one of the most significant days in a lot of people’s lives so it’s something I take seriously!

Most importantly, I promise that you will end up with simply awesome wedding photos taken completely naturally and without fuss.

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Multi Award Winning Wedding Photographer

Throughout my wedding adventures, I’ve been fortunate to shoot photographs that have won several awards with the societies that feature below. I’m also a member of FearlessThis Is ReportageNine Dots, an Unveiled Founding Member, and the ISPWP which counts some of the best photographers in the UK and Worldwide within their prestigious ranks.

For photographers, I have had my camera kit featured on Shotkit.

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Rainhill Hall Wedding Photography

Rainhill Hall Wedding – Emma & Drew

In the picturesque village of Rainhill, Merseyside, Rainhill Hall Wedding set the stage for a truly enchanting wedding, Emma and Drew, a couple whose love story captivated everyone around them, celebrated their union amidst the serene woodlands and historic elegance…

The Holford Estate Wedding Photography

Holford Estate Wedding – Claire & Chris

Claire & Chris opted for a romantic winter Holford Estate Wedding with their nearest family and friends. They got married during a twilight ceremony at Stockport Town Hall before spending the evening at The Holford Estate, beautifully dressed for their…

Hyde Bank Farm Weddings

Hyde Bank Farm Wedding – Christina & Darren

August 26th, 2023, marked a day of love and celebration as Christina and Darren exchanged vows in a beautiful summer wedding. Surrounded by their closest family and friends, they embarked on a journey filled with joy, elegance, and unforgettable moments…