Wellbeing Farm Wedding Photography – Emma & John

Wellbeing Farm Wedding Photography with Emma & John. It was just a normal run-of-the-mill Thursday when I first spoke to Emma about her upcoming wedding, unfortunately, their original photographer had to isolate due to Covid and they were recommended to me by one of their very kind wedding day guests. Luckily I was free for their wedding 3 days later and I was thrilled to join them for their wedding celebrations at The Wellbeing Farm. I had heard great things about this amazing venue and very excited about getting the chance to work there.

I started the morning at the couple’s home, the atmosphere was calm but with a little excitement bubbling underneath everything. MUA Nicola Elizabeth and Hair Stylist Kane Anthony were on hand to prepare everyone for what was set to be an amazing day ahead. John spent a good deal of the morning conducting last-minute preparations at the venue making sure that the audio and visuals were spot on for the wedding ahead.

Ceremony In The Wedding Barn

After everyone was ready, I raced ahead to the venue to meet up with John and await Emma’s arrival. It was exciting to once again see a whole bunch of wedding guests (80-90 people?)  over the past restricted numbers and it truly felt like some normality had arrived back within the wedding industry. Everyone was gathered in The Wedding Barn as Emma made the short journey over escorted by her very proud dad for the short walk down the aisle to where John was waiting. Playing them down the aisle was the fantastic String Infusion.

Drinks, Cuddles, and The Wellbeing Llamas

After a really lovely and relaxed ceremony, the couple made their way back up the aisle and over to The Wheatsheaf Bar to greet their wedding guests. They enjoyed drinks, cuddles of congratulations before some of the local wildlife joined in. The Wellbeing Farm is pretty famous for their Llamas and resplendent in their bow ties, they didn’t disappoint. Along with Crackerjack and Gypsyrose the donkeys who entertained the adults and Sheila the lamb who entertained some of the younger guests and some of those who were young at heart. During this time we thankfully had a break in the weather where we grabbed a bunch of family group portraits before the couple enjoyed mingling and chatting with their wedding guests.

A Wellbeing Farm BBQ Feast

Once the guests were seated, the couple were welcomed into their wedding breakfast and enjoyed a round of speeches before a delicious BBQ feast. After the meal, I took the chance to wander the lanes of tables for little moments of laughter and happiness. This is one of my favorite times to capture some ace natural and relaxed moments of the guests together, a time where people open up and the drink flows a little. After the guests were gathered to leave, we enjoyed a return of some sunshine and took the chance to throw some confetti to celebrate the end of the wedding party at The Wellbeing Farm.

An Evening Garden Party At Home

Emma & John had organized a fantastic garden party at their home for their friends with a bar, DJ and TV for the football (England vs Ukraine). We also made a short journey to the couple’s favorite wooded area for some portraits in the glorious evening sunshine where John was surprised by their dog who showed up to congratulate the couple in their own little way.

Returning home just in time for the guests to welcome them into their evening party, the couple enjoyed chatting and laughing with their friends and the 4-0 win by England put everyone in a great mood for a fantastic party ahead. So a huge Congratulations to Emma & John, it was a pleasure to join you guys for your wedding day and I had a fantastic time with your family and friends!

About The Wellbeing Farm

Only a few years ago, The Wellbeing Farm was a neglected and disused agricultural operation. Yet, with a huge injection of love, passion, and creativity, it has been lovingly brought to life to become what you see today; a quirky, fun, award-winning wedding and event venue.

Facts About The Wellbeing Farm  –

  • A once run-down and neglected farm.
  • Now, a multi-award-winning wedding venue.
  • A bespoke wedding barn for up to 170 wedding day and 300 evening guests.
  • A dedicated space for outdoor wedding ceremonies.
  • Luxury farmhouse accommodation with space for 6 guests and a bespoke lounge for wedding morning preparations.
  • A quirky and exciting backdrop for your wedding day photography alongside beautiful Lancashire countryside scenery.
  • Llamas, Donkeys, and Lambs to entertain your wedding day guests.

How can you get in touch with The Wellbeing Farm about weddings?

Email – info@thewellbeingfarm.co.uk

Call via – 01204 852 113

Website – thewellbeingfarm.co.uk

Address – Wheatsheaf Hill Farm, Plantation Rd, Edgworth, Bolton BL7 0BY

Instagram – @wellbeingfarm

If you enjoyed this wedding blog, I’d love to hear all about your wedding plans! Please check out my About Me page for information about who I am and why I do this with my life. Then if you like the sound of everything simply get in touch via the Contact page.

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