The Best Cyprus Wedding Photography – Natalie & David

Cyprus Wedding Photography with Natalie & David. Once in a while, I get to embark on great adventures to weddings overseas. Last week was such a time when I joined Natalie & David who gathered in Cyprus with their family and friends to celebrate their wedding. I’ve known Natalie & her sister Holly for a few years now, they own and run I Do Venue Dressing and we’ve worked together and had fun a great many times. So I was thrilled to be asked to join them at the stunning Aphrodite Hills Resort for what I knew was going to be an amazing day in the sun.

Natalie & David decided to get married in the cooler afternoon so I joined them around mid-day for a wander around the huge lush resort grounds. Natalie was relaxing with her family and bridesmaids when I arrived to say Hi. I spent a lovely few hours with both the bride and groom, shooting some details and documenting the goings-on of a couple getting ready with their friends. Champaign was popped, WKD’s sunk and it was soon time to make their way to the chapel for the wedding ceremony.

St Catherine’s Chapel

Surrounded by olive trees, the Chapel Terrace was beautifully decorated with an amazing flower arch being its center point. David stood next to his best man awaiting the arrival of Natalie and her bridal party. It was safe to say that the guests were thrilled when Natalie arrived with her dad, she was led up the aisle by her squad of smart page boys, cute flower girls, and beautiful bridesmaids.

After a lovely ceremony filled with laughter and heartfelt glances between the couple, rings were exchanged and Natalie & David made their way back up the aisle through a flurry of confetti and into the arms of their guests for congratulatory hugs and kisses. The wedding party enjoyed drinks on the Chapel Terrace where we paused for some family groups and a few portraits in the setting Cypriot sunshine.

Dinner In The Secret Garden

Knowing that Natalie is a very talented venue dresser, I knew that their wedding breakfast in the Secret Garden was going to be pretty awesome but I was totally blown away by the decor as were the guests. The couple enjoyed a round of speeches including a very special self-penned song by the groom’s dad which left no dry eye in the house. Dinner was soon served and the guests enjoyed a delicious meal before the evening began. The couple had generously laid on an open bar to the guests so I knew that the evening party was going to be ace. After a relaxed first dance, their DJ played the party well into the night with old-school classic R&B and EDM.

So Massive Congratulations to Natalie & David, it was a pleasure to join you out in Cyprus for your awesome wedding!

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